Dry January Final Check-In

2020 Resolutions

The final day of January is here. Technically, it’s the first day of February, but I digress. I should say, the final day of Dry January is here and I’m happy to report that I made it. I started this trip on January 5th and tomorrow I will have my first drink since the 4th. It’s funny because it felt so long, but now that I’m at the end, I guess it didn’t feel as long as it did while I was in it. I was sick for about the first two weeks, which was miserable because I hadn’t been sick in a while. I think also that the “withdrawal” symptoms from not having cigarettes may have been affecting me at the same time making it that much worse. I made it through though, with only one fancy glass of wine along the way. If there’s one thing that this experience has taught me is that I really don’t like drinking as much as I thought I did.

I’ve gotten so much done these past few weeks. I’m sure most of it has to do with a lack of a social life. It’s funny how your interactions with people can change when you subtract the alcohol. Many of my friends were also doing a Dry January. Perhaps we were all just enjoying a little bit of solitary reset time for the month. January sometimes feels like that. It feels like a bit of a hibernation. Time to reset and refocus your attention on what is going to be important to you this year. The other thing I’ve noticed about the last few weeks is that I’m sleeping better which in turn is giving me more energy throughout the day. I love this part because it’s making me more excited to work out and be active. I’ve been going to yoga the last two Saturdays, working out at home after work and even stretching while I’m at work. It feels good. And my body feels better for it.

I wouldn’t say I’m not looking forward to drinking tomorrow, but I am excited to hang out with friends. It will be interesting to see how my tolerance to alcohol has changed. I still haven’t decided what I’m going to drink. I’ve pretty much ruled out beer just because I think it will make me feel bloaty and gross, but moscow mules sound like they could be dangerous too. The most appealing option to me, at least in my head, is white wine. Something I can chill and just sip throughout the day. I don’t want to drink too much, but I have a feeling I’m going to have to figure out what that new limit is. I also don’t want to drink to the point where I want to break down and smoke. I’ve been thinking about getting a vape pen for those moments. I want to feel like I’ve actually quit and not just switched out cigarettes for something else.

Overall, I really enjoyed this experience. It gave me clarity of mind and made me rethink something that I think had become a somewhat normal facet of my life. This isn’t to say that I want to quit drinking all together because, let’s face it, sometimes that fancy glass of wine is nice. I do think, however, that cutting back and enjoying it more intentionally will be good. I may pick up another month along the year, we’ll see, for now, I’m going to look forward to that fancy glass of wine tomorrow. I’m proud of myself for making it this far and sticking to it. Now to get onto the rest of my resolutions… wish me luck.

2020 Resolutions #2 & #3: Get Outside & Grow That Garden

2020 Resolutions

These next two resolutions go hand in hand – Get Outside and Grow That Garden. Getting outside to me means a few different things. The first of which is stop being such a big baby and enjoy the outdoors, even when it’s cold. I don’t like the cold much. I prefer to be warm but that shouldn’t mean that I hibernate all winter long and coop myself up indoors. I am determined to enjoy the outdoors more, even when it’s not perfect weather outside. This is important too for gardening because of where I live. Our gardening season starts soon here in zone 9b, and that means I may have to brave the cold if I want to get certain plants started at the right times. I’ve got my rain boots and my gardening jackets/sweaters/socks/gloves/scarves ready. Okay, but seriously, we don’t have horribly cold weather. I really am just a big baby.

The Grow That Garden resolution is going to be tougher this year than last year. I have a ton of work to do before I can even start planting anything. My planter beds are falling apart, my soil is terrible and so I basically have nowhere outside currently to put any plants. I’m hoping to enlist the help of my amazing hubby to build the beds, but I also want to create an entirely new backyard garden space in the process. I have a vision of a fenced off area with maybe four beds to start. I have to fence the area off this year because my stinky little weiner dog was jumping into the garden beds last year and eating all my veggies! Not only that, but I think he was teaching the others to do the same which means if I don’t close off the garden I may not get any vegetables at all. So on top of building new beds, I need a fence. I’d also like to be able to plastic/tarp off the grass/weeds on the ground and add rock making it a completed garden space. Wish me luck!

Before I get started on the outdoor space, I can get started on seedlings. I started my garden from seeds last year for the first time ever, and overall it was fairly successful. I plan on using the same methods as well as many of the same seed varieties and containers that I used last year. This part is so fun because it’s a quick process that shows results within just a few days. I will most likely start pre-sprouting some seeds this weekend, which means I’ll have some seedlings going by the end of the month. It’s going to go by so fast!! I need to get started on those beds dang it!!

I am very excited to spend more time outside this year gardening and otherwise. I even went on a run yesterday – which I haven’t done in years! It felt so great that I’m planning on going again today. I love how encouraging the body can be in getting you to do things that are good for you. In addition to after work runs, the hubs and I have been exploring new hiking/walking trails in the area each weekend. The last two weekends have been two separate river walks which were so beautiful! Each were about 3 miles long so it’s great exercise along with a great view and a great time with the pups. I’m so looking forward to continuing this trend and rocking this resolution!!


New Year’s Resolutions 2020

2020 Resolutions

2020 is here. There is no more running, procrastinating or delaying. The New Year is here, and it’s here to stay… at least, until the next one comes around. Last year, I used this blog as an accountability-type place to record my progress on my 2019 resolutions. I found that it certainly helped in keeping me on track but also was helpful in being able to look back and see the encouraging growth I’d been able to accomplish. If you want to read more about that year, click here. If you want to find out what’s up for 2020, keep reading.

Last year, my inaugural post was basically a run-down of what I believed my 2019 resolutions would be, which I will do this year. Afterwards, I will break each resolution down into it’s own post, if necessary, to provide more detail such as any restrictions, exemptions or otherwise. What’s fun about resolutions too is that they can change throughout the year. Maybe it turns out that the resolution should be more challenging or, let’s face it, less challenging. I believe failure is completely a part of growth and altering your expectations in the moment isn’t always a bad thing. Anything that happens of this nature will also be posted here. I am excited for a new journey and expanding upon many of the things I learned last year as well as trying a few new things too.

Resolution #1: Dry January + Better Health

Dry January is a pretty popular thing around the New Year it seems. The theme of better health maybe even more so. A fresh year is the perfect time to jump a fresh start and take control of how you treat your body. This one is going to be tough, but I think it’s going to be so worth it. Starting, January 6, 2020.

Resolution #2: Get Outside

Being outside makes me so happy! So why don’t I do it more? Our area has so many trails to offer and overall wonderful weather too. It’s time to put the excuses aside and find more time to be outside whether it’s for an exercise or a hike or just a cup of coffee on the back patio.

Resolution #3: Grow That Garden

Last year’s garden was fairly successful. This year is going to be more work because my planter beds are falling apart, and I need to find a solution for keeping my hungry wiener dog out of the garden. It’s going to be way more work, that’s for sure, and is going to require quite a bit more planning, building and budgeting.

Resolution #4: Shop Small / Fair / Less

One of my resolutions last year was to not buy anything new unless absolutely necessary. Overall, I did fairly well, only purchasing a few things that I felt I needed to buy new. This year, I don’t want to completely cut myself off, but I do want to shop less overall. When I do shop, I want to continue to either purchase from thrift stores, small stores or fair stores, no matter the cost. 2020 is all about being picky with purchases and focusing more on quality.

Resolution #5: Create Everyday

This resolution is another one that I am kicking myself over because creating makes me so happy! Although, maybe I am being a bit too hard on myself as I do create a lot already. But this year I want to create at least once a day. I’m not quite sure what that exactly means yet. Does a blog post count as creating? Or does it need to be an actual piece of art? I’m not sure yet, but I am excited to figure it out.

Resolution #6: Try More New Things

This year, and specifically during Dry January, I want to try more new things. So many times anxiety holds me back from taking a new class or going somewhere new, this year I want to change that. I want to force myself out of my comfort zone and learn new things, go new places and have a great time along the way.

These are what I believe to be my resolutions for 2020. I am also going to continue to post about certain topics from last year, such as sustainability, food, random ramblings, but they won’t be posted under the resolutions section of the blog. I look forward to this journey and blogging it for accountability but also to track my progress as I go into the New Year.