NY19 Resolution #1: Don’t Stop Blogging

2019 Resolutions

The New Year is quickly arriving and I’ve never felt more inspired to make some changes to my everyday life. In the past, I’ve never really been one for New Year’s resolutions, but for some reason this year I feel like incorporating some challenging and some not-so-challenging changes to my overall routine and home life. The first resolution I’ve decided to tackle is staying more consistent to my blog. I thoroughly enjoy writing and putting my thoughts down to not only share with others but for myself to be able to look back and see what I was thinking or feeling at a specific time or place. I’ve had blogs before but was never very good at posting in them for long amounts of time – I think may record may be one post a month for 6 months, which let’s face it, is not much when compared to other blogs out there. And so, in an effort to change this and to also help keep myself accountable to my other resolutions, I’ve decided to revamp MelissaRoseRamblesOn.com and to commit to posting every day if not every other day.

Every day posts can be difficult to accomplish when you have a blog with a certain niche. To avoid this complication and lack of inspiration, I’ve decided to make this blog all encompassing to my passions and interests – and let me tell you, they have range. I love cooking, baking, traveling, sustainable fashion practices, making extra money with odd jobs and surveys, gardening, pet projects, sewing, drawing, singing… the list goes on and on. I think by giving myself a broader platform, I am less likely to run out of inspiring content that I would actually care to write about. The other thing that I think will be exceptionally helpful is having my iPad tablet with keyboard attachment that my husband bought me a couple years back for my birthday. I had originally intended to use it for more of an illustration tool more than anything (he got me the Apple Pro Pencil too – it’s amazing!), but I’m seeing now how it will make posting to my blog more convenient than sitting at the computer or being holed up in the office.

So far I’ve added several posts to my blog just in order to have more content and to possibly drive more traffic. I’ve also purchased hosting and a domain name through WordPress which gives me a better sense of satisfaction since I am posting to my own website instead of a “wordpress.com” site. It feels so great! I am also creating Pinterest content as I go in hopes of furthering my audience reach and to also keep me creatively going as I just can’t help but love making new content and graphics. I also plan on pulling out my camera to make these posts more beautiful and unique as well as encouraging myself to make more use of the technology I have at hand and to sharpen my lesser used skills.

I really hope you enjoy following me on this journey. Sometimes it can be tough to stay focused and into something that you feel obligated to do, so I really want to make this a channel for creativity rather than a task that is absolutely necessary in my everyday life. I hope I am able to inspire those of you who stumble across my posts and look forward to connecting with you all!

Happy New Year!



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