Travelling is one of those things that I have made a conscious effort to try and do more of this past year. Since about September of last year my husband and I have been to Kauai (our honeymoon), London, Las Vegas (he actually visited more cities than I did this trip), Oregon (for the kite festival!) and finally Maui. All places were amazing of course, but I found that while doing my research for Maui, that I didn’t find many blogs or sites offering a deeper insight into the actual non-touristy things to do (no more shopping, please). So I wanted to write my own blog post to shed some light for others on the beautiful things and wonderful foods that we got to eat while we were there in October, and let me tell you, we did alot!

So to make this easiest to follow, I’m going to break out our finds in sections – Beaches & Snorkel Spots, Food & Drinks and Other Must-See Spots.

Beaches / Snorkel Spots – you should be able to use Google Maps to find each, but I will try to include as much info as possible about parking

Kapalua Beach – this beach is a family staple for my husbands family. They come to Maui almost every year, and every time they come you can find them snorkeling in the Kapalua Bay. This is a beautiful cove with nice, easy waves, cool coral areas for snorkeling and enough beach to chill out. There are also rentals right on the beach for the SUP enthusiasts, and the beginning of the Kapalua Walking Trail starts here as well.

Honolua Bay – this was a super cool little hike out to a secluded and protected bay. The shore is rocky so it’s not great for lounging, but they say lots of turtles come here and it is a good spot for snorkeling if the surf is low or a fun spot to check out surfers do their thing if the surf is high (you can check surf conditions here). If the surf is high, you will not want to snorkel as conditions can be dangerous for even the strongest of swimmers

22814175_10214731234937497_9030963715978934021_nlow visibility in the water. Keep in mind that traditional sunscreen is not allowed in order to protect the reef from the chemicals; however, all natural sun screen can be purchased at many different locations around the island. Parking is off the street and pretty easy to find since there are port-o-potties and signs at the trail head. Remember to always pay attention to signage – Honolua Park had one stating that there are several unmarked graves around and to stay on the marked trails!

Black Rock Beach – this is a great spot to get all the beach fun in on one trip. There is a very cool area for snorkeling, a huge beach for lounging, big waves for swimming and playing and there’s a rock formation to jump off of. You can park in Whaler’s Village in Kaanapali – there is a free garage that fills up quickly, or park in the Whaler’s Village garage and get validation by picking up some food or drinks on your way out. After your day at the beach, you can explore Whaler’s Village for some food or drinks and of course there is plenty of shopping.
Airport Beach aka Kahekili Beach Park – this is a great beach for lounging or snorkeling/swimming. Lots of big fish and coral areas, plus a large beach area with public restrooms, a showering area and covered picnic tables and barbecues for lunch. Get there early if you’re driving because parking is super limited. If travelling north on Hwy 30 turn left on Kai Ala Dr. and follow signs to Kahekili Beach Park.
Other spots worth checking out if you have time – Mile Marker 40 Beach, Baby Beach Lahaina
Food & Drinks
The Fish Market – this tiny place in Lahaina doesn’t seem like much when you see it. It’s at the end of a long strip mall off of Lower Honoapiilani Road, but when you see the line of people out the door, you’ll know you’ve hit the jackpot. We enjoyed their signature baja fish tacos and a side of mac salad. The tacos were to die for and reasonably priced for the size. They also have fresh fish for sale that you can take back to your place to cook yourself and offer a variety of rubs and marinades to prep as well.


Down the Hatch
 we visited Down the Hatch for for their happy hour (between 2pm-6pm) for the $5 tropical drinks (our fav are the lava flows) and 20% off appetizers (the ahi samurai is amazing!) They also have adult shaved ices which were delicious – the large is big enough to share! This place has been featured on a few different Food Network TV shows and was definitely worth the visit.
Miso Phat Sushi – this little sushi place was also tucked away in a small strip mall on Lower Honoapiilani Road and was a little pricey but totally worth it! Loved their take on the Philadelphia roll and their signature Miso Phat roll. You can really tell the difference between the ultra fresh sushi in Hawaii vs California (although ours isn’t bad either). if you are a sushi lover, be sure to check them out.


Maui Farmers Market – be sure to visit a farmers market and pick up some giant avocados (even if they look green they are ripe!), some starfruit and some apple bananas. They also have a bunch of local made items like all natural sunscreen, skin care items, s
alad bars and sometimes a hot bar too. The Farmer’s Markets are usually our favorite place for lunches because of the freshness and the price. Not only that, you can feel good knowing that you are supporting the local tourism of the island.

Other Must-See Spots
Definitely take the drive up to Haleakala if you have time. It’s a massive dormant volcano that covers nearly 75% of the island. The top of the park is at around 10,000ft elevation so you drive into and out of the clouds and can see the other islands from the top on a clear day. Bring a jacket if taking a trip to the top because it gets super chilly!
Also, the Banyan Tree in Old Lahaina is incredible. It’s the largest Banyan tree in the world and looks like a bunch of different trees grew together when in reality it’s just all one tree. If you go towards sunset you can hear hundreds of birds all chirping at the same time, which is kinda creepy, but also kinda cool.

I find that the more I travel, the more I crave to be somewhere else. Tasting new foods, seeing new sights and experiencing it all with my husband is where I’ve found that I’m happiest. That being said, I am hoping we get to do more travelling throughout the next couple of years. Where are your favorite places to travel? Have you been to Maui? Any cool spots that I didn’t mention that I should check out next time I’m there? Let me know below! Thanks for reading!


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