ThredUp Update



So I decided I wanted to do an update about my ThredUp experience. I ordered a few items from them about a month ago, you can read about it here. Unfortunately, only one of the items really ended up working out for me because of fit. This is not to say that this is ThredUp’s fault by any means, it only means that I need to accept that I have a small and awkward body type that makes it difficult to buy clothing online no matter what the brand is. But, I thought I would share my return experience with you, because it was so quick and easy and hopefully it will help someone out there gain the confidence to at least try the online thrifting experience.

So a couple of the items I bought were not returnable, whether this be due to price or the time that they had held onto the items, I’m not sure, but I think it was a disclaimer when I purchased. At that time, I didn’t think I would have an issue with sizing since I recognized all the brands I purchased and had purchased the same sizes from said brands before. However, this was not the case (insert sob face). I was so bummed because every item I received was in great condition and was exactly as it had been pictured on the site, but alas, it was not meant to be. And so I initiated the return process with ThredUp which was exceptionally quick and easy. I simply went to their site, went to the order page with the items I wanted to return and clicked their little return button. From that point I was given a postage paid label to apply to my package, I just recycled the packaging it came in, and gave it to the postman to take it away. Within about a week I had received my credit and was ready to try again, and try again I did. This time I think I made a goof, because I should have known that an XS bikini top would be too small, but it was so cute I had to try it. However, this item did not end up fitting either, but it was okay because I already knew how easy the return process was. That was just last week, and I’ve already received my credit. So, I think in summary I need to stick to my old favorite of actual thrift store perusing, this way I can try things on to ensure they will have a long and fulfilled life with me, but I still have some ThredUp credit and am going to try again (ha!). Maybe this time I’ll try for a wallet or some jewelry instead.

Thanks for reading!


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