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As I said in my last post, I LOVE thrifting – “love” may not even be appropriate as I have recently become addicted to the idea (and action) of buying everything in my life secondhand at a fraction of the amount I’d normally spend. But there’s another shopping method that shares thrifting’s spot at the top of my love list – online shopping. All of the online services such as Amazon, Prime Now, E-Cart (Raley’s) and more make it so easy to order everything your heart desires without having to get dressed or leave your house (with E-Cart you do have to pick up your order, but you don’t actually have to go into the store). I use all of these pretty often to buy everything from body wash to bluetooth speakers – seriously, I ordered a bluetooth speaker on Prime Now this weekend and had it within two hours – SO COOL. Most recently though, I found that my two loves had been combined by someone who must be one of the smartest people on the planet – allow me to introduce you to ThredUp – the Largest Online Thrift Store – otherwise known as heaven. I had not heard of them until I watched this video by Youtube vlogger thataylaa, where she shows all the items she bought and did a try-on video. What-the-what!? You can get super cute, cheap clothes online without having to put on any clothes!? I said to myself with a squeal of joy – I HAD to try it. And try it I did, and I gotta say, I’m impressed. Keep reading to see what I got, how it showed up and to get yourself $10 off on your order.

I started out innocently downloading the ThredUp app on my phone – “I’ll just look and see what they have”. And what I found was a plethora of name brand items for less, sortable by size, color, brand and even condition. THEN I see the code up at the top – 40% first time orders – YASSSS. So I placed my order (which ended up only being $24 for 5 items with shipping) and I waited for my new friends to arrive. I also requested what ThredUp calls a “Clean Out Kit”. A “Clean Out Kit” is essentially a postage paid bag that they send you in the mail, you fill it up with all the clothes you don’t want/need anymore and send it back to them free of charge. You can choose to consign your items or donate them, and furthermore you can choose if you want all unsold items returned to you or if you want them to recycle said items. I am still waiting for my kit to arrive, but I can’t wait to see the results. I used to HATE waiting in a local consignment shop for the reps to pick through my bags of clothes only to find they’d taken one or two items to pay me out a measley $5.

Finally my order arrived (well part of it, I’m still waiting on one top, but couldn’t wait to post). It was packaged in an adorable polka dotted mailer, with polka dot tissue paper, and a fun little sticker holding it all together – “Gold digging since 2009”. Have they really been around that long?! Why has no one told me about this before now!? Also, I apologize for the ripped up photo – I couldn’t contain my excitement and then realized I hadn’t taken any photos… oops. You still get the idea.

So let’s see what I got!



The first item is from H&M and was only $3.99 (40% off = $2.39). It’s a super cute tunic like t-shirt top, with a lace overlay – almost like a top within a top. What I love about it is the geometric shape that peeks through the lace – a little bit of modern edge with some serious femininity. It feels brand new and is super soft – perfect for wearing over some summer leggings or skinny jeans – ALL BLACK EVERYTHING.






My next item arrived brand new with the tags still on (!!!) and I didn’t even know when I ordered it because it was only $6.99 (40% off = $4.19). It’s a basic I’ve been needing for a while – a long black maxi skirt from Forever 21. It’s a little bit more sheer than I had imagined so I’ll have to see if it will actually work, but the great thing about that is that it’s entirely returnable.





Next up is this super cute and super soft H&M floral tank. It has the prettiest muted floral pattern and was only $5.99 (40% off = $3.59). I imagine wearing this with some cut off shorts and casual sandals, or maybe even pairing it with my new black skirt and some slip on mules. Either way, I know I will wear this alot because it’s so incredibly soft, lightweight and comfortable.






Last but not least was a definite impulse buy that I plan on distressing and wearing whenever I feel my teenage angst boiling up. It’s a brand new Nirvana Bleach t-shirt, and the high schooler in me made me do it. It was $4.99 (40% off = $2.99) and will look great with some cut off shorts or ultra distressed black skinny jeans and obviously some ratty Chuck Taylor’s.

Also tucked away in the cute little package was a booklet filled with the cutest little quotes for each day of the week. The other cool part is that they have perforated edges so you can actually tear them off the little booklet and hang them up, give them away or carry them around as little reminders for yourself. I posted mine up in my office, and they look so sweet! Here were a couple of my favorites.

So all in all – I’d say I’m ultra impressed with ThredUp so far. I will make a separate post about my consignment experience once that happens, and may add my final item from this order once it arrives – we’ll see. In the meantime, use this link to get your digital butts over to their site and get $10 off your order. And if you’re feeling feisty – get that closet cleaned out and order your own “Clean Out Kit”. After all, you’re going to need room for all the new-to-you treasures you find.

Happy thrifting!


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